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Can you imagine a special new cabinet solution?
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17 months ago
Small pic cabinet works

Imagine you could design a cabinet in your home that served a new and unique purpose.  This new cabinet solution could be in the kitchen, closets, offices, bedrooms, mudrooms, laundry rooms, or somewhere else in the home.  This cabinet should have a specific function or purpose.  For example, perhaps it's a cabinet designed to store bulk quantities of toilet paper.  

Here's the kicker: your idea for a cabinet cannot relate to cooking.  That means it shouldn't be used for storing food, pots and pans, or other cooking materials.  It shouldn't relate to the activity of cooking in general.  However, your cabinet idea could be located in the kitchen.  There are many activities that happen in kitchens other than cooking.  It is often a place for meeting or entertaining, using smart home devices, somewhere kids might do homework, etc.  Your cabinet idea could relate to one of the other kitchen activities.

Please keep in mind that as a leading cabinet company, we want ideas