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What would you name a natural garden spray product?
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17 months ago
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Garden Safe® brand consists of products which protect the plants in your garden against bugs, fungus, disease, and other harmful environmental dangers. Our branded products are an attractive option for gardeners seeking natural/organic solutions to their gardening needs.

 One of the products in development is a spray that protects fruits, vegetables, ornamentals and houseplants by killing harmful insects. This product is certified for organic gardening and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The delivery method of this product is called a bag on valve. Bag on valves look and spray like traditional aerosols, but do not release traditional propellants, such as propane. The inside of the can holds a bag containing the organic pesticide, surrounded by compressed air. The product is dispensed by compressed air simply squeezing the bag when the spray button is pressed. This type of delivery system allows Garden Safe to stay true to the brand’s identity as an organic, natural and eco-friendly solution.