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Recruitment Opportunity for Gen Zers - Complete the survey to participate in EY's Idea Jam!
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10 months ago
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MindSumo is excited to present our global audience with the opportunity to participate in a virtual event with Ernst & Young, one of the world's premier consulting firms.   The event is called the Ideation Jam!    

EY is seeking Gen Z individuals, aged 18 - 23, to participate in the discussion of how Covid will reshape our world.  Please read the brief below:

Just as the 2008 financial crisis and Great Recession shaped the outlook, values and careers of millennials, the COVID-19 pandemic will do the same for Gen Zers. From school shutdowns and quarantines to social distancing and high unemployment rates, Gen Z is coming of an age in the midst of dramatic socio-economic tumult. What effect does this have on their worldview? What enduring changes do they expect? And how will Gen Z’s own actions, habits and behaviors change in an enduring way?

MindSumo will be selecting approximately 50 Gen Z individuals for the Idea Jam.  Interested in participating?  Please see the event details below: