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How can we use advanced tech to stand out when recruiting top talent?
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35 months ago
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Recruiting top talent in the accounting and finance world is competitive. Our company, one of the largest American companies operating globally, wants to stand out from the crowd. We believe that by incorporating advanced technology in the recruiting process, we should be able to differentiate ourselves and attract the best and brightest of the workforce. 

Answer the questions below, focusing on how we can use advanced technology to stand out to potential accounting and finance hires. Top submissions will be detailed and specific.


Tell us how to use advanced technology to differentiate ourselves among entry-level accounting and finance jobseekers. Specifically, answer the following questions in detail:

  1. What strategies and technologies can companies adopt to improve their recruiting of top talent in the accounting and finance fields? Why would your ideas be effective? 
  2. Think of a top performing individual. What characteristics made this person a top performer? Why were they different than others?
  3. How can we use advanced technology to recruit top entry-level candidates well before they start looking for employment? Think of end-to-end recruiting solutions.
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
Reward Tiers
20 Winners
will receive $40 each
$40.00 S mumbai university
$40.00 L University of Central Florida
$40.00 Picture?width=160 Indian Institute of Technology - Kharagpur
$40.00 Picture?width=160 University College Dublin
$40.00 Picture?width=160 Duke University
$40.00 Square pic 60 27067609 1561528867236017 3495007015826813477 n Penn Foster
$40.00 L York university canada
$40.00 S PennFoster
$40.00 Square pic 60 04de4ac0 b863 4d79 a70c 59d12e6be8e2 jnims
$40.00 Picture?width=160 University of Central Florida
$40.00 Picture?width=160 Egerton university.
$40.00 J University of Alberta
$40.00 Picture?width=160 University of Central Florida
$40.00 Square pic 60 01 Shivaji University
$40.00 A University of Central Florida
$40.00 Picture?width=160
$40.00 K University of Connecticut
$40.00 Picture?width=160 Michigan State University
$40.00 T University of Central Florida
$40.00 D University of Central Florida
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