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Propose a tagline to convince gardeners to use our product!
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18 months ago
Small pic get rid of animal pests with hot pepper spray step 8

Our company makes a line of animal repellent products that repel unwanted animals from lawns and landscapes. Harvest Shield, the newest product in our portfolio, can be sprayed directly on edible gardens, such as tomato plants, to protect gardeners' harvest from being eaten by animal pests. Repelling by scent, this product is harmless to plants and animals and is safe to use around children and pets. While smelling pleasant to humans, the rain resistant, long lasting, herbaceous formula naturally repulses deer and rabbits.

We would like your help coming up with a tagline for the Harvest Shield product!

NOTE** Women are the target market for the Harvest Shield product, so keep that in mind when submitting your tagline idea!


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