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US Problem Solvers: How can we help more people get excited to host Thanksgiving?
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20 months ago
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This challenge is for US solvers only. If you are not living in the United States your submission cannot be considered for a reward.

In the US, November and December are all about the holidays. Decorations go up months in advance at the big box stores, inboxes become flooded with holiday recipes, and travel plans are in full swing. Thanksgiving specifically is a holiday that most people look forward to. Friends and family across the country come together to give thanks, express gratitude for the many blessings in their lives, and of course, eat! It’s hard not to get excited about a table filled with turkey, potatoes, casseroles, pies, and more. 

Even though this is a joyous time of year meant for celebrating and being together with loved ones, there’s a lot of pressure if you’re the host! This can be a welcomed experience for some and nerve-wracking for others (especially those who aren’t so