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How can AI technology help us write right?
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36 months ago
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We think of writing as being a uniquely human exercise, one that only we can do well. However, we are quickly entering an era where artificial intelligence is showing off its writing skills, even if it isn’t penning the next Pulitzer Prize winning collection of short stories. Advances in AI software technology have shown the capacity to assist and improve human writing, using tools like IBM Watson’s tone analyzer.

These capabilities have been used in a wide range of cases, like helping large companies make sure their performance reviews are motivating, rewarding, and clarifying for employees, instead of being demoralizing or alienating. They can be used to make sure job positions sound attractive for diverse groups of people, different cultures, ages, and genders. They are also appealing for companies like ours, where English is a second language for many employees. 

So many potential tools exist for these purposes, and new ones are being created daily. From the IBM Tone Analyzer and AI API to Grammarly and more, the possibilities are wide ranging and exciting.