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Design your future digital personal assistant in 2020
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64 months ago
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Imagine in 5 years, you had a digital personal assistant that understands who you are, learns your behavior and preferences over time, and anticipates your intent or actions. Assume the personal assistant would be available across any connected device you use.

What could your personal assistant do for you? How would it be helpful and assist you in your daily life? How would you relate to it and what would you trust it to do? What type of connected devices do you see a personal assistant being valuable on? What would that connected device look like?


Answer each item separately in your proposal for a digital personal assistant in the year 2020:

1. Describe 3 brief scenarios in which you, your friends, or your family rely on your digital personal assistant.

2. What would it look like to interact with the digital personal assistant?

3. What does the digital personal assistant look like?

4. (optional) Use drawings, sketches, mock-ups, graphs or any other visuals that support your idea