QUICK SOLVE: How can our bank make your personal data more rewarding?
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Note: “Bank” includes any financial institution where you have checking, savings,
and/or credit card accounts.

Today's bank customer's expectations are changing due to the digital interactions and life experiences they have outside of banking. Personal habits on everything from spending to location and fitness activity are trackable, which makes it easier to put a dollar amount on everything people do. As the gap between personal life and personal finances closes, customers will be able to choose what information gets disclosed and what doesn't. 

This increased control over personal data, identity, and lifestyle will let customers live stress-free during life's most defining moments, with no need to worry about whether information better kept private is being seen. But, to get there, banks need a better understanding of what you are willing to share with them and what you expect in return.


Answer these questions in the main submission window, plus the supplemental questions that follow. 

  1. What personal information, including data and personal preferences, are you willing to digitally share with you bank? Does this differ from what you're willing to share with other types of companies?
  2. What would you want in exchange for sharing the data and personal preferences you noted above? Please be specific and think beyond monetary/cash rewards.
  3. How do you typically engage with your bank or financial institutions? What interactions and moments "make or break" your relationship with them?
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Level of Detail
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