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What's a packaging material that's better--and greener--than cardboard?
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73 months ago
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The packaging industry is always searching for the next improvement in packaging technology, focusing on being more sustainable, lightweight, and cost-efficient. At Ply Gem, materials like home siding and windows are routinely shipped in boxes up to 16 feet in length, yet quite thin and narrow.

While cardboard packaging provides structural strength, it is both costly and difficult to recycle. Similarly, windows require multiple layers of plastic wrap and specially-constructed corner protectors for shipping.


Propose a sustainable, cost-effective, and feasible alternative to the cardboard and plastic wrap method of shipping. The alternative product needs to be rigid for handling, and must have a surface on which the company can show brand and product information.

Successful solutions will do the following:

(1) Describe the advantageous properties of your proposed material and any related designs

(2) Explain why it is a better option than cardboard

(3) Detail how it may be sourced, either from existing vendors or in-house

For examples of how the current materials are used, consult the .pdf under "ADDITIONAL MATERIALS" below this section.