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How can we utilize PHBH fiber to produce effective biodegradable products?
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42 months ago
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What is PHBH fiber?  

Kaneka has been developing a new biodegradable fiber product made of PHBH (a copolymer of 3-hydroxybutyrate and 3-hydroxyhexanoate), which is also a biopolymer comprised primarily of plant oil. PHBH’s outstanding feature is its biodegradability in aerobic environments (such as shallow soil) and anaerobic environments (such as deep soil and in water like marines/lakes); however, PHBH fiber still keeps its original properties under normal conditions (“normal” is defined as the product use function prior to the need for biodegradation).

What are some example solutions?   

PHBH fiber is a “base material” which can serve as the foundation for almost any textile application you can imagine (webs, meshes, felts, ropes, short cut fiber flocks, woven fabrics, scrims for fiber reinforced plastics, etc.)  

Consider these example uses for PH