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How do you want to send gift cards from your phone?
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61 months ago
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Bouxtie is an app that makes sending and receiving digital gift cards easy. All you need to do is select a top retail brand, select a contact from your phone, and send them a gift card for whatever amount you like. You can even customize your gift with text, photos and video, and your recipient can send back a multimedia thank you also!

Check out our 15 second video or our website to learn more. Better yet: download our app and give it a try!

We think Bouxtie is a great fit for college students, and we want your feedback on how we can become the best fit for your demographic.


Answer each item separately to help us make Bouxtie a perfect fit for college students:

1. Explain a scenario in which you would use Bouxtie to send a gift card (Who would you send it to? For what reason? What retailer’s gift card would you send?).

2. Explain a scenario in which your parent or a friend would use Bouxtie to send a gift card to you (W