How should we engage young physicians to be our brand ambassadors?
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14 months ago
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Our company is a market leader for OB/GYN ultrasound products.  Our full-line of ultrasounds are used in private practices as well as in hospitals by physicians of all ages.  However, many of these physicians are mature and not as digitally-engaged with today's evolving medical environment.   We would like to expand the use and engagement of our OB/GYN ultrasound products among young, up and coming, digitally-focused doctors, but we do not currently have a great way to connect with this group.  As a solution, we want to attract young physicians to be our brand ambassadors and act as promoters/spokesmen for our OB/GYN ultrasound products. 


We are interested in recruiting young physicians to be our brand ambassadors for our OB/GYN ultrasound products.  Specifically, answer the following: 

  1. What would a program structure look like using digital tools and technologies (such as online clubs, social media channels, etc.) to engage and connect with this younger group of physicians?  *Please see Top Submission section below 
  2. How can we inspire young physicians to be successful brand ambassadors for our ultrasound products?  Why do you think your ideas would work with this audience?
  3. How could we help develop a strong sense of community among the young physicians who sign up to become our brand ambassadors? 

Top Submissions will do the following: 

  • Deliverable 1 - Lay out the specific steps we should take to build out a brand ambassador program.
  • Deliverable 1 - If you describe a channel, tool, or technology, be specific about how you would optimize it for our purpose.  For example, if you recommend using Twitter to recruit ambassadors, how should we use it?  What kinds of Tweets would be most effective?  We encourage detail and specificity! 
  • We are particularly interested in ideas that involve digital/online solutions. 
  • Avoid ideas that involve financial compensation for brand ambassadors.  
  • Acknowledge that these physician brand ambassadors will already know how to utilize the ultrasound equipment. 

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
  • Actionable
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