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Break the harmful ozone depletion cycle

Recent research published by Harvard scientist James Anderson shows that climate change, and specifically powerful thunderstorms, are breaking down ozone into oxygen molecules. This cycle begins with stable forms of chlorine and bromine in the air that are converted into free radicals when exposed to water vapor. These radicals are capable of depleting the ozone layer by transforming ozone molecules into oxygen. This cycle has profound impact on the planet, as it increases the amount of ultraviolet rays entering the atmosphere and also leads to increased incidence of skin cancer in humans. Learn more: Harvard Gazette Article

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Professor Anderson’s research proves the following cycle: climate change => more frequent and powerful thunderstorms => water vapor at high altitudes => depleted ozone => more climate change.
1) If your goal were to reduce the effects of this cycle, what stage would you address first and why?
2) What is one radical method you could use to reduce the frequency and intensity of large thunderstorms?

Note: All ideas should be original. Additionally, there are no jobs being offered in associated with this challenge

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