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Bring bag in box technology to new types of products
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Bag in box dispensing has brought new consumer convenience to the wine industry. This same convenience could be applied to other food categories. However, current bag in box options are suitable only for very liquid foods (such as wine, coffee, tea or milk).

Current bag in box liquids dispense via a re-closable valve assembly and effectively dispense controlled quantities of low viscosity liquids (like wine from a bag in box). Liquids that are higher viscosity do not “gravity feed” through currently available spouts. We are looking for a design for a food grade fitment that will enable dispensing of a high viscosity fluid (such as ketchup or mayonnaise) from a bag or flexible pouch.


Please submit your idea for a food grade fitment to dispense a high viscosity liquid from a bag or flexible pouch. Ideas must include:

1) A written description that describes the design and it’s functional attributes.

2) An artistic rendering/schematic (ex. picture, diagram, video) that models the design at work.

Optional/extra credit:

A CAD drawing suitable for printer use.


Particular interest will be given