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What new flavor should we unveil next?
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56 months ago
Small pic brisk cans

Each year, we create a new Brisk flavor that will be sold for a limited time, exclusively at 7-Eleven stores. For 2018, we're looking for an out of the box flavor that will intrigue consumers, yet fit in the Brisk brand.


Propose a new, out of the box flavor for Brisk. Specifically:

  1. What should the flavor be? Think about cool new flavor combos, or maybe a main ingredient you haven't seen in an iced tea before.
  2. What should we call this flavor?
  3. What color should the drink be? The options are limitless!
  4. How do you envision this flavor’s graphics?

Currently, Brisk offers this line of products:

o Lemon Iced Tea

o Raspberry Iced Tea

o Sweet Tea Iced Tea

o Mango Fiesta Iced Tea

o Peach Iced Tea

o Strawberry Melon Iced T