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Design a marketing campaign that inspires 50,000 Black and Latinx students to complete an online Digital Upskilling curriculum
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3 months ago
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Why is this important? One of the greatest concerns facing our communities is the growing gap between those with access to opportunity and those without. 

What are we doing about it? As part of a larger commitment to help increase economic mobility and equitable representation in the workforce, PwC is offering a free digital upskilling curriculum to prepare students of all backgrounds with applied skills for the workforce today and tomorrow.

The Digital Curriculum is part of the “Access Your Potential” initiative to support a more equitable future for Black and Latinx college students to prepare for and begin their careers.

Access Your Potential’s Digital Curriculum is a free 20-hour immersive learning path to digitally upskill students and help bridge academic and technology competencies.

You can find more about the program here

The Curriculum includes three pillars, for each of which learners can receive a distinction of completion.

  1. Be Digital: “Embrace new mindsets” by learning the concepts of human-centered design, agile ways of working and systems thinking. As technology advances and evolves, businesses are implementing new ways of working and digital transformation is shaping the future of work. Watch demo video here
  2. Work Digital: “Harness the value of data” through data analytics, data visualization and storytelling, data workflow and automation. Recognizing the role that data plays in the future of work harnesses the power of data analytics, automation and visualization to drive insights that can help solve problems. Watch demo video here
  3. Trust Digital: “Engage ethically and responsibly” by learning accuracy & transparency, accessible design & accountability, and privacy & cybersecurity. The future of work integrates machine learning models and continuous advances in predictive analytics - elevating the importance of responsible AI and digital trust. Watch demo video here

Next steps:

  1. Sign up here for Access Your Potential (see attached pdf signup guide)
    [In completing the question "How did you find out about us", select "Other" and type "MindSumo challenge"]
  2. Complete at least ONE of the three Digital Curriculum pillars, approximately six hours each.
  3. Based on your experience of the curriculum, design a digital marketing campaign specifically targeting Black and Latinx college students, with the goal of generating at least 50,000 sign ups and completions in a three month period. Include creative marketing and engagement strategies to inspire the target audience to complete one or all three courses themselves. Deliverable detail included below.

Note: We might choose to invite the top participants to private follow-up challenges around the same topic, so please try your best!

  1. After completing at least ONE course from the Digital Curriculum, what is your groundbreaking marketing campaign that will inspire 50,000 Black and Latinx college students to sign up and complete the curriculum?
    1. What methods and/or avenues should we use to reach the maximum number of students in our target demographic?
    2. What will the message be?
    3. What will encourage students who sign up to continue the course to completion?
  2. (Optional for bonus points!) Include a creative digital marketing asset (social media or otherwise digitally-related) to be used in the campaign. This could be a TikTok, branding video, Facebook ad, or something else!

NOTE: Make sure you attach the Distinction of Completion.pdf’ for the Digital course you completed. If you do NOT attach the Distinction of Completion pdf, your submission will NOT be considered.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets deliverables of an overall innovative marketing campaign
  • Level of creativity and clarity
  • Resonates with Black & Latinx students
Additional Materials:
Reward Tiers
5 Winners
will receive $500 each
25 Honorable Mentions
will receive $100 each
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$100.00 K Katherine Matveykina Drexel University
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$100.00 J Jericho Dupo University of Santo Tomas
$100.00 J John Sheehan
$100.00 K Kirabo Banya
$100.00 E Erire Sulistiawati Sadrani
$100.00 P Phillip Staninski University of Chicago
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$100.00 Square pic 60 capture111 Moses Ndirangu Loyalist College
$100.00 J Josephine A. University of Lagos
$100.00 T Tamil Selvan Anna university
$100.00 Ywbljl9g normal Ashish YADAV GGSIPU ,India
$100.00 Square pic 60 mexican Pablo Santos Liverpool
$100.00 Square pic 60 screenshot 20221117 193343 Edwin Okero Egerton university.
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