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Campus Analytics Challenge 2020
computer science analytics data analysis machine learning modeling analytical skills data modeling data science
Finalist prizes: A total of up to ten $1,000 prizes will be awarded. Grand Prizes: A total of up to four $2,500 grand prizes will be awarded. The Grand Prize Winners will each receive one Finalist Prize and one Grand Prize, for a total of $3,500. Winners will be awarded from Wells Fargo directly.
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Entrants must be currently enrolled in one of a select  higher education degree programs in the U.S.  See the attached Official Rules document for full eligibility requirements. 

At Wells Fargo, our data scientists play a key role in driving innovative and meaningful insights that enable our lines of business to provide a world-class experience to our stakeholders. The Campus Analytics Challenge 2020 puts you in the role of a data scientist and calls you to develop a machine learning model. The dataset is small enough that you should be able to work with it on a standard laptop.

 To help get your creative juices flowing, we encourage you to explore machine learning research literature and beyond, as you may find a creative approach in other sub-fields of machine learning.