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Can you bring Millennials to the baking aisle?
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50 months ago
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More and more Millennial Shoppers spend their time at the grocery store in the departments on the periphery of the store such as the deli and bakery. We are looking for unique ideas and products to entice shoppers to visit the center of the store more frequently. Our particular focus is on the baking aisle and identifying a product that will encourage Millennials to discover the joys of baking to keep them coming back to the baking aisle again and again.


Propose at least one new product or package idea for the baking aisle that will win over young shoppers. The proposed concept could also be a new purpose or use for an existing baking mix that is currently found on the shelf. Your solution should address the following:

  1. Detail a new product or package for a baking mix concept. Explain what type of baked good it would make (i.e., cookies, biscuits, dinner rolls, or multiple items). This could be a new twist on or purpose for a familiar category of product or something completely new that you envision. A multi-purpose mix that could make a variety of products would also be considered.
  2. For a product, what key ingredients would it include? What ingredients would the consumer nee