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Can you make our industry-leading training program even better?
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53 months ago
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We offer industry-leading training to our dealer customers (B2B); the training is proven to help dealerships increase their profitability, efficiency and in some cases, provides legal awareness to avoid costly business practices. Dealer customers sign up for our training through a website and the courses are delivered in their dealership with a training instructor, instructor led offsite, or self-paced on line; training duration varies depending upon the course – 15-30 minutes for online modules or half day- multi day sessions for instructor led options.

Surveys and verbal feedback indicate that the training is meeting and exceeding the expectations of the dealer learners, however we have very low return rates of dealers coming back to take additional courses. Dealers are extremely busy and are often not at their desk, which makes it difficult to capture their attention or to keep training top of mind.