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What's your design for our Air Quality Health Index?
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34 months ago
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The Health and Air Quality Services Program is responsible for communicating and forecasting weather related health risks to Canadians. This currently includes air quality from both industrial and natural sources (forest fires). The AQHI is a health risk based index that represents increasing health risk from the cumulative effect of three pollutants on a scale of 1 to 10. The individual values of the pollutants are not reported, only the index number. in the rare case where concentrations of pollutants are extremely high, and the index number is greater than 10, the value of the index is reported as 10+.


The presentation of the index needs to be updated. The scale must be displayed from one to ten with cutoff points for the risk categories of : 1-3 low risk, 4-6 moderate risk, 7-10 high risk and greater than 10 (10+) very high risk, included.