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Create a web app to recommend career options to college students
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Choosing a college major is a difficult process. Picking a career path or specific work role to use the degree you receive can be even tougher. We want use data to help students decide what career path to choose based on their personal interests and information.

We have data on the majors, degree types, genders, demographics, and interests associated with people who hold certain roles. Your task is to create a web app that allows users to enter in some basic information, and then recommends to the students potential career paths based on the information they have provided and the data we have provided.

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Create a web app on that allows a user to enter demographic & education info, and in response receive recommendations for career paths. Here's a sample user flow for your application:

- Students enter their gender, age, major, degree type, and select interests.

- Your app parses this data, and generates a list of recommended jobs based on data in the provided data set (attached at the bottom of the page)

Bonus: Include data from another database such as the O*Net Occupational Database

Things to consider:

- The best solutions will use a good recommendation algorithm, and will include a paragraph or two discussing why you chose your implementation strategy

- We’re looking for a complete prototype for this challenge, please include a link to your working web app and also a repository of your code (and a .readme if applicable).

- Demonstrating the power of machine learning or recommendation engine algorithms is a great option for this challenge

- The focus of this project is to generate unique, engaging insights on the connections between education and workforce.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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