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Design an Intelligent Cargo Management System for Delivery Vans
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71 months ago
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The last step of deliveries are often the most difficult logistically. "Last mile" delivery vans are used to get a parcel from its distribution facility to its recipient. Loading and unloading items from the vans is the most difficult and inefficient part of the delivery process. Items can shift around causing damage and make it harder for delivery persons to find the right items at the appropriate stops. Unloading disorganized items in traffic and on narrow streets can be time consuming and dangerous.

We're looking for ideas to improve the organization systems inside the "last mile" delivery vans. We're interested in hearing your ideas for shelves, drawers, boxes, numerical systems, clever techniques for loading/unloading or whatever idea you think can make last mile delivery vans more efficient.


1. A brief explanation and diagram for up to 3 styles of systems (e.g. drawers/containers/shelves, etc.) that you would utilize in a van to hold shipments safely and efficiently.

2. A rationale as to why your system is the most efficient method of storage. Consider loading, transportation and unloading of the shipments, which could include fragile items.


Ideas will be judged on ease of use (efficiency) for delivery drivers, the speed at which objects can be loaded/unloaded from th