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How should we connect with the Centennial generation?
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67 months ago
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Millennials are standing strong as one of the most influential demographics swaying markets and shaping culture today. However a new generation is arriving on the scene, the Centennials (anyone born in 1997 or after). Check out this infographic to learn more about this generation.

Researchers expect that Centennials will have drastically different needs and spending habits than current consumers. As they start reaching the age where they'll need insurance, we want to figure out the best products to meet their needs and the best way to share those products with them.


We want to work with you to create a marketing plan that targets Centennials for a new feature of renter's insurance, a new feature of car insurance, or a new insurance product that you propose.

Your submission should include:

1. Description of your new feature or original insurance product (1 paragraph)

2. Marketing plan showing how you will target Centennials w