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India Solvers: How would you call attention to a new item in a small shop?
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13 months ago
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Please note: This challenge is intended for solvers living in India. 

We are a global company who makes packaged snack and breakfast foods.  We want to know the best way to gain awareness of a new item available in small shops in India (think mom & pop stores and similarly-sized retailers and vendors) so that the products grab the attention of shoppers and inspire them to make a purchase!


Solvers in India only (if you are from India but currently living / studying somewhere else please indicate that in the first survey question)

We want to understand your insights and ideas for how to effectively call attention to items in small mom & pop stores. Specifically, please answer the following:

  1. Think about the last time you made an impulse purchase for a food or beverage item.  What made you decide to buy that product?  Specifically, how did it capture your attention and entice you to purchase it?  Did it have something to do with how it was displayed in the store?  Did you see a mobile ad for it?  A sign in a store window?  Something else?
  2. What is your idea for how to best call attention to a packaged snack or breakfast food in a small mom & pop store?  Your idea should be attention-grabbing and inspire purchases! If possible, please include a visual (photo, sketch, drawing, etc.) to illustrate your idea.
  3. OPTIONAL: Think of the last time you made an impulse purchase in a mom and pop store.  What convinced you to make the purchase?  Please share a picture and explain how and why it grabbed your attention and convinced you to buy the product.  (Your photo could depict the in-store display, physical signage, a screenshot of a digital ad, etc.)


  • Please avoid ideas around price reduction.  Your idea should not be about the price of an item or a discount / deal.  
  • When we say "impulse purchase" we mean new items or items you may not have tried before rather than, for example, a snack food you know you like and routinely purchase.
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
  • Feasibility
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