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Use Adobe ColdFusion for .PDF manipulation

Adobe ColdFusion allows developers to rapidly build and deploy web and mobile apps and is capable of doing anything from building a simple website to creating comprehensive solutions to complex problems. We’re excited to offer more students the opportunity to build with ColdFusion and add it as a tool to their coding arsenal.

One of the coolest capabilities of ColdFusion is the ability to create a web form and then use the information submitted to build creative outputs. We want to give students the opportunity to help other students by creating an awesome PDF generator! A great example could be a form that accepts University name, work experience, and skills, to output an awesomely formatted resume.

Click here to learn more about .DDX files!

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9 months ago

Use Adobe ColdFusion for PDF manipulation:

1. Click here to get started on using Adobe ColdFusion.
2. Create your PDF manipulation tool by creating a web form to enter information and then use the values submitted to generate a PDF output.
3. As the solution you submit to MindSumo, turn in a link to your source code on Github and if possible, a link to try your code

Things to consider:

- If you’re not sure what to build, take a stab at building a resume creator! Check out this resume sample for examples of what information to collect in your form and how formatting might look.
- We want you to get creative! There’s a lot of opportunities to make cool .DDX outputs, you could put together a collage of photos that a user submits, create a movie poster, or anything else you think of! If you have an idea that bends the rules of the contest, go for it!
- If you get stuck, check out the ColdFusion help center to solve whatever you’re dealing with or leave a comment below!
- Try out some of the PDF manipulation features that come with the .DDX format! You'll be able to merge multiple files into a single file (e.g. you can create a resume book on the back-end for recruiters to view, you can add password authentication and encryption to your output files, etc)
- Learn more about the various options that are available in DDX to help you understand what are the options available with DDX

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