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Tell us about your experience buying Converse shoes
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41 months ago
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Converse sneakers are recognized across the world. Have you bought a pair in the last 2 years? If so, we want to hear from you on the good and the bad about shopping for Converse, from the moment you thought you might be interested in a new pair to actually shopping to showing off your new sneakers.


Think broadly about your Converse buying experience, starting with when you first became aware of or interested in the brand, to shopping, buying, wearing, and telling others about the brand. Considering that experience:

  1. What was the highlight or most memorable experience that you had with the brand across your entire Converse journey?
  2. Now, thinking of that same experience, what was the worst aspect of the experience?
  3. This is where it gets fun, include what about the buying experience could be improved – get creative with your ideas!
    Submissions will be gra