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What kind of cream cheese featuring products do you want to see?
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28 months ago
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When a company like ours makes cream cheese, we must take the product's final use into account. Whether it's going to be used in baking, deep fried, or as a topping for a tea macchiato impacts how firm, creamy, or salty the cream cheese needs to be. 

We want your help coming up with new products that will feature cream cheese. You can come up with something new or revolutionize an already existing product, like cheesecake. Example: Cheesecake, reinvented for breakfast with a granola crust. Or, you could go in a completely different direction. We are particularly interested in expanding the occasions where you would encounter cream cheese, like more breakfast options or snack food options. We can't wait to see what you come up with!


Tell us what products you want to see that feature cream cheese. Specifically, answer the following in detail:

  1. Describe the product and how it uses cream cheese. What are the ingredients? What are the flavors?
  2. How does someone consumer the product? How is it packaged? What time of day would someone eat this? Is this a snack or a meal?

NOTE: If you attach your submission as a PDF, PPT, Word Doc, or other file type, you must still paste your answer text into the body of the submis