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Improve single-serve packaging for jams, jellies & preserves
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50 months ago
Small pic jelly

A serving of your favorite jam, jelly, or fruit preserve can take toast, bagels, or dessert to the next level. However, heavy jars of jam aren't good fits for restaurant tables: they're cumbersome and take up too much space, among other problems. They're equally ill-suited for drive-through restaurants. In sit-down restaurants the portion control cups sometimes look like this:


grape jelly


In drive-through restaurants, sachet, pouches, or cups may be added to the bag. These may look like this:

Bonne Maman


We want to make these types of packaging easy for customers to open, use, and all-around better.


Propose a new package for single-serve, on-the-go jams, jellies, and prese