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Create the next delicious frozen snack from Totino's
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61 months ago
Small pic totinos at albertsons

Our Totino's brand is famous for providing an array of delicious frozen pizza and pizza roll products that are enjoyed by college students across the country. We have had success in creating a variety of flavor combinations for our pizza and pizza rolls, but we are interested in discovering ideas for a new frozen snack that fits the Totino's brand, and would be popular among college students.

This new product could be a snack, small meal replacement, or fill another food need typically found among hungry college students. Ideally, we want ideas that you and your friends would want in your freezer!


Please complete the following:

1) Explain your new product idea in detail.

- What ingredients would you use to make your snack idea?

- How would it be prepared?

- What would you name your product?

- What would it look like, and how would it be eaten?

2) What would the packaging of your product look like?

3) Explain why you think your product idea would be popular among college students. When do you t