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Create the next generation of water bottles!
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Consumers struggle with using big water bottles, as they are heavy, difficult to use, and are not storage friendly. Check out the links below to see how actual consumers struggle while using the big water bottles of today.

5 Gallon Container Example: Here

3 Gallon Container Example: Here

We are looking to create a new water bottle that addresses many of the obstacles consumers face when using large water bottles. Additionally, since water coolers exist in less than 5% of US households, the bottle we want to develop has to work on both a traditional water cooler as well as a countertop or refrigerator. This requires a very unique and versatile bottle closure.

Check out the link below to see how consumers currently use counter-top containers from Nestle:

2.5 Gallon Counter-top Example: Here


Propose a user-friendly 3-gallon container design that can be used both as a traditional cooler and counter top dispenser. You must incorporate a dispensing method that can serve this dual purpose in addition to just the shape/size of the container itself. In addition, please incorporate the consumer insights below when designing the bottle and closure/dispensing method, and refer to the images below for more detail on the differences between cooler-top and counter-top dispensers.

2.5 Gallon

3 & 5 Gallons

Water Cooler

Be sure to:

1) Attach an artistic rendering (sketch, mockup, CAD, design, etc.) of your new container & spout designs.

2) Explain the user experience and why your design is optimal for this dual usage

Design parameters:

1) When on a dispenser, the bottle needs to cover the entire opening of the dispenser so that the water inside is not exposed to dust, etc.

2) Operation to dispense water should be intuitive and enable easy pouring/dispensing throughout the life of the product – i.e. when the bottle is full, half full or ¼ full. Consumers have to tip our 2.5 gallon bottle to access water at the bottom which is frustrating for them.

Consumer insights:

1) Opening - Removing bottle caps and accessing water sometimes forces consumers to use tools such as knives, scissors and box cutters. We want opening and accessing the water to be easy to do with no need for any tools.

2) Storage/Disposal - The bottle cannot take up a lot of space in the recycling bin. Ideally it is collapsible and needs to be 100% recyclable.

3) Handling - Big bottles like the 5 gallon are very heavy and not easy to handle. We want consumers to have an easier time handling this bottle and to easily be able to transport, load onto dispenser and into fridge, etc.

4) Access - Consumers should easily be able to access water and the water should flow smoothly and quickly. Our 2.5 gallon bottle has a spout and the water flows very slowly which frustrates consumers.

5) Appearance - The bottle should not be an eyesore where consumers are embarrassed to have it exposed in their kitchen.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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