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Can you create the yummy and satisfying snack for dogs?
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63 months ago
Small pic happy puppy

Who does not crave a snack from time to time? It is that time between the meals when you absolutely must have something sweet, cheesy, salty, chocolaty …or else. You find it, and you have it. It is yummy and satisfying. …but what about your dog? You see those eyes that are asking for a treat as well, making you feel guilty, but only for a moment because you have this amazing new snack that is perfect for your dog. You reach into the pantry, retrieve the snack and feel like a super pet parent! It is healthy and your dog takes time enjoying the snack, beyond just gulping it in one bite.

We are asking for your help in creating the perfect dog snack like this.


Propose a new dog snack for owners to give their dogs. Your solution should include the following:

  1. A description of your proposed item. What is it made of? What shape and color is it?
  2. An explanation of how this snack should be used. How does the owner give it to the dog, and how does the dog consumer it? How long does it take the dog to consume the snack?
  3. An explanation of how the dog will gain satisfaction from the snack experi