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Create your ideal bistro box
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60 months ago
Small pic bistro box

One of the most popular trends in the food world is the bistro box. Like Lunchables for grown-ups, the bistro box is a pre-packaged tray that contains a tasty assortment of food. Examples might include boxes containing cheese, dried fruit, and mixed nuts or ones with meat, cheese, and crackers. The possibilities are endless! We want to create a new bistro box product to be sold at Costco, where shoppers can buy it in bulk.


Propose a new bistro box combination that you would love to eat. Each solutions should include the following:

  1. A detailed explanation of 3-4 food components that would go in your ideal bistro box. Here are a few thought starters: your solution might be balanced between the five food groups, paleo-friendly, or a family-friendly combination of foods that all ages would enjoy.
  2. An explanation of how the packaging for your bistro box should look, and what materials it should be made of.
  3. A catchy name for your bi