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Indian Problem Solvers: How do we establish brand awareness of our tires in India?
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31 months ago
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Due to the nature and general focus of this brand launch, this challenge is open to Indian-Solvers only. Location will be verified and if you are not currently in India your submission cannot be accepted.

BFGoodrich is a well-known tire brand in the United States. Whether you are a commuter, an off-road enthusiast or something in-between, BFGoodrich has a wide range of products available to suit all driver needs/preferences. However, our brand is not currently available in India and, with our upcoming brand launch in India, we need your help to better understand the market. Establishing brand-awareness in a new country/market is of the utmost importance in order for the launch to be successful. Therefore, we want to hear from the Indian solvers to solicit the perspective of people who live in India. 

We want to gather your knowledge of how Indian citizens learn about new products, what the ideal go-to-market strategy should be, what that best value-proposition is, and more! It will help to research BFGoodrich as a whole, but we do plan to launch two specific tires to begin with -  the KO2 All-terrain tire and the KM3 Mud-terrain tire.


Imagine that you just got hired by BFGoodrich Tires- congratulations!  You are now responsible for launching the tire brand in India, (specifically the KO2 All-terrain tire and the KM3 Mud-terrain tire) and you have a limited budget. Using your knowledge of what you know about the Indian market and its residents, please outline your strategy of how to win in India. 

  1. Based on your knowledge of the market, what strategy would you use to successfully launch a new tire brand in India?
    1. Who are your main competitors?
    2. Who are the key retailers you would approach?
    3. What things would differentiate you from competitors? 
    4. Would you focus on product performance, brand heritage, or lifestyle the brand could enable?
  2. Who is your primary consumer target and how would you engage them? Please describe who they are from a demographic and a socio-economic perspective.
    1. What do they care about? 
    2. How would you make them aware of your brand? 
    3. What channels, events, platforms, etc. would you use and how will these methods work within a small budget? 

BONUS: Is there a brand that has launched a product successfully in India that we can learn something from? What did they do? Why did it work?

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
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Submission questions

Do you own a personal vehicle?


What is your primary form of transportation in India?

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