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Indian Problem Solvers: How do we establish brand awareness of our tires in India?
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18 months ago
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Due to the nature and general focus of this brand launch, this challenge is open to Indian-Solvers only. Location will be verified and if you are not currently in India your submission cannot be accepted.

BFGoodrich is a well-known tire brand in the United States. Whether you are a commuter, an off-road enthusiast or something in-between, BFGoodrich has a wide range of products available to suit all driver needs/preferences. However, our brand is not currently available in India and, with our upcoming brand launch in India, we need your help to better understand the market. Establishing brand-awareness in a new country/market is of the utmost importance in order for the launch to be successful. Therefore, we want to hear from the Indian solvers to solicit the perspective of pe