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What's your great new dairy-based, on-the-go snack?
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32 months ago
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Billions of people all over the world consume dairy products in one form or another, whether as milk, cheese, butter, or yoghurt. We know that dairy is important for its high levels of nutrients, proteins, and good fats. 

We want you to forget what you know about dairy today. Imagine dairy can be room temperature, crunchy, chewy, flaky, portable, foamy, fizzy, fibrous, light and airy, jelly, grainy, meat-liked in texture, or any other format or flavor imaginable. 

Now imagine how wonderful it would be to have either a healthy treat that helps you relax, or an energy boost to keep you going, whether at home, on the go, or at work. What if it tasted great and gave you physical and nutritional benefits too. Your goal is the meet those needs with a product that is easy to store, snack-sized, and portable. Your idea can be a food or beverage.


Tell us your idea for the perfect dairy-based product for on-the-go snacking. Top ideas will be healthy, energy-