Debug a live linux server

Palantir software is deployed in a wide variety of customer environments. Our engineers face many interesting problems in the field due to non-optimal Linux server configurations. As we encounter these problems, we document them internally to help other engineers quickly debug and recover from the issues.

This challenge recreates an interesting customer issue we encountered, and gives you some insight into the day-to-day tasks for our Server Side Quality Engineers.

x 3 winners
x 3 honors
solutions received

After you request and receive credentials to a server, log on and read the instructions. The server setup mimics a customer performance issue. Investigate and debug the server to find the root cause.

When you have found and fixed the problem, submit a report that includes:
1) How you found the problem and its root cause
2) Evidence that your solution permanently solves the issue.

Note: Allow 24 hours for Palantir to deploy your personal server!

Congratulations Winners!
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- University of Texas at Arlington
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- Contra Costa Community College District
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- Missouri State University
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