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What's the perfect first deodorant for tweens and teens?
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29 months ago
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Most adolescents begin using deodorant regularly by the late tweens and early teens. Once they do, they're confronted with a wide range of products that usually come in a stick or spray form.

We want your help creating the ideal first deodorant for a tweens and teens audience. We are especially interested in novel solutions that go beyond the standard stick, aerosol sprays, pump sprays & roll-on options available. Think about new ways to develop and package a  deodorant product, new ways for consumers to apply deodorant, and generally ideas that are different from what you'd find on store shelves today.


Tell us about the ideal first deodorant for tweens and teens. Specifically, answer these questions in detail:

  1. Describe, in full, the perfect first deodorant:
    (a) What does the packaging look like? Why?
    (b) What is the application method? Why does this fit a teen/tween audience?