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Can you design a better metal tin for coffee or tea?
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55 months ago
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Crown is the leader in metal packaging technology, with operations in over 40 countries and over 23,000 employees. From food & beverage cans, to aerosol containers, our metal packaging is used for products all over the globe. Using rigid metal packaging for food or beverage products has many benefits, including an unrivaled barrier to light and oxygen. This delivers a high-quality fresh experience for consumers, whether you're opening a can of dry coffee or cracking open a can of soda. Metal packaging is especially useful for coffee and teas.


Propose a new design for instant coffee, fresh ground coffee, whole coffee beans, or tea (loose leaf or in bags) packaging that is different from existing options, but still made from rigid metal packaging.

  1. What does the design of your idea look like?
  2. How does your design improve functionality for the consumer? What are the benefits when compared with other packs in the market such as delivering an eye catching design, improving openability, offering dosing or re-sealability.
  3. Attach a visual to illustrate your new design. This could take any format, from photograph, mock up, and prototype to CAD rendering or some other means of ill