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Develop ideas for "connected" robotic construction equipment
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60 months ago
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John Deere manufactures a number of different types of construction equipment. Two of these you have probably seen before - backhoes and excavators. As their name suggests, these machines are used for digging holes and moving material. In their current forms, they are capable of little more. Here are some videos to help you get more acquainted with them:

Backhoe video

Excavator video

However, we want these machines to do more. Lots more. We are interested in what these machines could do if they were automated with robotics (no human operator necessary) and outfitted with new, never-before-seen tools. Could they be turned into automated bricklayers? Or mobile oil derricks? What useful and amazing applications can you come up?

We are looking for outside the box ideas! Don’t be generic, and don’t be afraid to go wild.


Please submit the following:

1) Propose a new use for an Excavator or a Backhoe type machine assuming