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QUICK SOLVE: How could work become easier with a digital talent experience?
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40 months ago
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Technology has disrupted our day to day. With ease we can do everything on our phones – read the news, schedule appointments, track our health, purchase anything with a swipe of the finger. We are continually being introduced to new and exciting applications of social, mobile, cloud, and even cognitive technologies like AI and robotics that help us get things done. Why should your work experience not give you the same ability to easily get things done with a digital experience?

Imagine you just graduated and have three similar offers for a full time job. You are having a hard time deciding which one to take. What could one of the companies do differently around their digital talent experience that will help you be more efficient in your job, learn skills faster, and allow you to easily network in your company that would make you choose to work at that company over the other two?


Share what experiences and daily tasks you’d like to have as part of a digital talent experience at work th