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Can you improve the shopping experience at Dollar Stores?
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35 months ago
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Millennials today have a sea of options when it comes to shopping for the products they want!   Not only has online shopping revolutionized the idea of retail convenience, but we've also seen a proliferation of private label products offered online and in physical retail stores.  More so than other generations, Millennials show a preference for these smaller, private label brands (generic / store brands) over national, recognized brand name products (think brands like Tide, Pantene, Charmin, Bounty, Febreeze, etc.).  

We want to flip this trend on it's head and create unique ways to attract Millennials to brand name products, specifically at dollar stores.  Not only do we want to make dollar store shopping convenient and enticing to this target demographic, but we want them to choose brand name products over private label once they're in the store!