Double Team: Create a hypothetical startup!

Have you been struck with startup inspiration? Did you recently stumble upon an idea that solves an obvious consumer pain? Whether you want to be the next big entrepreneur or are just stirring up your creative juices, we want to see what you've got! Don't worry, this challenge is just a fun creative competition. Feel free to go a little crazy with it!

For inspiration: www.ykombinator.com, www.jackbot9000.com

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solutions max
Small pic startup

Briefly, describe what your product or service will do. The shorter the better!

Based on the description, come up with ome or more snappy startup names for the company!

This challenge has received 65 submissions
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$50.00 Square pic photo on 9 28 13 at 11.47 pm
$50.00 Square pic picture Brown University
$50.00 C Brown University
$50.00 O Valencia College
$50.00 D James Madison University
$50.00 D Towson University
$50.00 Square pic franklin kiersten Towson University
$50.00 Square pic olivia sluzar photo geneseo
$50.00 Square pic img 1450 Valparaiso University
$50.00 Square pic pc250164   copy Valparaiso University
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