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How can emerging technologies help patients in the clinical trials process?
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37 months ago
Small pic clinical trials

At GSK, we are always searching for ways to support and improve the clinical trials process for patients, volunteers, hospitals, research institutions, and ourselves. Clinical studies are often necessarily complex in order to understand all of the benefits and risks about a new medicine. This complexity can be the number of visits to hospitals, the number of questionnaires that need to be completed, the number of assessments completed at each hospital visit or the times and frequency at which the medication should be taken. Factors like patient dropout and inaccurate reporting and data collection can sometimes make it difficult for patients and their healthcare professionals to adhere to the protocol that sets out the way that the study should be conducted. This is compounded non-patient-friendly clinical trials reducing patient recruitment rates.

We want your help identifying new technologies and methodologies that can help patients and their healthcare professionals adhere to the clinical trial process. This may be to complete all the tasks required of them or to ensure that they take the medication. It will also be helpful to consider the barriers that impact adhe