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Help us design a more efficient chassis for heavy duty vehicles
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An automobile chassis is the steel load-bearing framework of a vehicle on which the body is mounted and consists of two main parts: the frame rails and the cross members. Chassis to date function purely as steel structural pieces of a commercial vehicle, so we think they are underutilized from an efficiency and space standpoint. 

If you think about all of the components of a commercial vehicle - the electric system, air tanks, controller, etc, many of these have the potential to be incorporated into a chassis to maximize the space a chassis takes up, while making room in other parts of the vehicle for additional features and elements. 

Based on the attached deck under "Additional Materials", we want to know your design for a chassis that will integrate as many features as possible, and in an efficient manner. 

  1.  What is your design for an efficient commercial vehicle chassis that incorporates as many commercial truck components into its structure as realistically possible?
    1.  What components and features did you include in your chassis design?
    2.  How will your design maintain structural integrity while including these components?
    3.  Keep in mind that the design must also make sense economically.
  2.  How will this design create a more efficient use of space in a commercial vehicle?
  3.  Attach an illustration or mockup of your design to show how the features will integrate into the chassis and where they will be placed.
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • 1-10 Scale
Additional Materials:
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