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How does liquid fabric softener make you and your clothes look and feel?
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71 months ago
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Fabric Softener liquids are added to laundry loads and are currently known for:

- Softening clothes to make them more comfortable to wear

- Leaving behind a pleasant scent to make clothes smell fresh

We make liquid fabric softeners, our target demographic is women ages 20-30, and are eager to learn more about what you think about the product. What benefit could we add on top of softness & scent that will leave women looking and feeling great in their clothes? How does liquid fabric softener change how your clothes feel when you wear them? How does it change how you feel when you wear those clothes?

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: If you are from or have connections to South East Asia, Brazil or the UK, please note this at the top of your submission. We are interested in these markets' perception of fabric conditioner specifically.


Tell us your thoughts about fabric softener, its effect on clothes, and those clothes' effect on you:

1. What is a new benefit that liquid fabric softener in a bottle can offer besides softness and scent?

2. How do clothes feel and look better after using fabric softener?

3. How do you (and/or our target demographic of women ages 20-30) feel when wearing clothes that look and feel better after using fabric softener?

4. (Optional) Sketches, drawings, mock-ups, advertisements, charts, videos, graphs or any other visuals that support your idea

Your submission should educate us as to how fabric softener makes you (or our 20-30 female demographic) and your clothes feel. Picking a few adjectives and the meaning behind each is a great way to explain this.

Things to consider:

- ”Look & feel” A great place to start is to think about how you could impact the “look & feel” of clothing through your fabric softener benefit.

- Be creative! We think about fabric softeners and their benefits all the time, telling us about your personal experience with them will help us learn how to make them the best!

- The more, the merrier! Giving detail as to how you feel in fabric softened clothes is great!

- Consider the demographic! We want to make sure this new benefit is appealing to women ages 20-30 that we know buy our product.

- Cost! We need to keep our product affordable so extremely expensive modifications will not be considered.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
Reward Tiers
4 Winners
will receive $150 each
8 Honorable Mentions
will receive $50 each
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