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How can a bank help Millennial and Gen Z consumers plan to start a family?
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Online banking is growing in popularity and becoming a more critical service as evidenced by the need during the global pandemic. As an online bank, we serve our communities and customers by making banking smarter, simpler and more convenient.

As people begin to plan for families, it is important to start mapping out finances, both to have children and then to manage family finances thereafter. We want to know how our online bank can best help consumers through this process.

  1. What important financial elements need to be considered in the process of planning for starting a family and managing finances thereafter?
  2. What is your groundbreaking idea for how an online bank can serve their guests and/or customers throughout this process?
    1. We are open to ideas that serve guests (non-customers) and/or customers. For context, think about how a streaming service offers free viewing or listening, but advanced features for paying customers.
    2. Feel free to get creative here. The resource could be anything from a digital solution such as an app/website to a physical representative, paper resources, online or in-person courses, etc.
    3. Be as specific as possible. What features will be included in your solution to make it an effective resource? (Ex. Weekly check-ins, progress tracker, etc.)
  3. (Optional) If you feel it would strengthen your submission, attach an artistic rendering (sketch, mockup, wireframe, etc.) showing how your idea works and the most important features that a customer would use.

Note: This challenge was purposefully kept broad because the challenge host is interested in a wide array of potential solutions and ideas.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • 1-10 Scale
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