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What is your clever textile application for an infrared-absorbing fiber?
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20 months ago
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Top 4 people will win $100 each; 8 runners-up will win $50 each.

Kaneka is a chemical manufacturing company that has the resources of a traditional textile fibers production facility.  Today, we are focusing specifically on one of the materials that we manufacture: a flame-resistant fiber which absorbs infrared energy better than any other fiber we know of.  

We have already developed this fiber to be used in protective apparel exposed to high thermal energy events.  For example, this fiber has been developed for use in military uniforms, firefighting gear, and industrial safety apparel to protect against flash fires, electrical short circuits at high voltages, etc.   

We believe this fiber's ability to efficiently absorb and/or redirect infrared energy better than other materials opens up potential textile applications bey