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Find new solutions that combat odors when caring for the elderly
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We want to find solutions that are capable of combating odors associated with aging, human urine, and feces - emanating from sources like carpets, upholstery, laundry, and air and body odors. Products specifically designed for these types of odors would be highly valued by caregivers who are taking care of elderly patients who are living at home. These caregivers are typically relatives of the elderly patient or paid home health care providers. These caregivers currently use work-arounds (Lysol, Febreeze, etc.) and are unhappy with those work-arounds because they don’t fully take care of the smell, masking it more than anything.

The company research shows that caregivers care about the following when dealing with odor:

• They want the odor elimination to be discreet (they don’t want to offend their patient)

• They want the product to eliminate the odor completely

Keep in mind the following when submitting your solutions:

- Your solution or elements of your solution must be disposable.

- Your solution must be safe to use and not require that the consumer use protective clothing,

such as masks or gloves.

- Your solution must be affordable … under $10

Acceptable formats for your submissions include: sprays, aerosols, passive systems, personal care products (odor eliminating lotions and creams).

NOTE: The company strongly recommends that you research either in your local retail stores or online the different types of solutions already in the marketplace.