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Find out where calls are getting dropped on campus

Every school suffers from dead spots where cell phone coverage is spotty to non-existent. This can be extremely annoying for students trying to reach one another, and results in an increased numbers of cell phones smashed on the sidewalk in frustration. As a public service to your school, you have decided to expose these dead spots, and prevent all those new smartphones from being thrown at the ground in anger.

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Propose a technical solution where students can inform each other of areas on campus where calls are frequently dropped. In 2 paragraphs answer the following question:

What is your method of collecting the necessary data (location and service provider)?

BONUS: How could you test whether the call was dropped because of the phone, service provider, or other issue?

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- California Institute of Technology
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- Stanford University
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- The Ohio State University
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- University of California at Berkeley
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- Harvard University
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