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How would you prefer to take medications and supplements?
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35 months ago
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Medications and dietary supplements (e.g. vitamins) that support health and wellness can come in many forms, including soft gels, tablets, bottles of liquid, powders, gummies, two-piece capsules, pills, etc.  We want to bring people the ideal form of medications and supplements so that they are easy (and perhaps even enjoyable!) to take.  


First,  answer the survey questions above the open text box. 

Next, answer the following short-answer questions in the open text box:

  1.  What do you like and dislike about the forms of the meds or supplements you've taken?  Consider things such as taste, texture, size, etc. rather than packaging.
  2. What forms of medication or supplements that are currently available today do you think are the most ideal?  Do you have preferences in the following scenarios?
    • Taking medication / supplements at home vs. on-the-go
    • Taking medication / supplements when y